Unfortunate events:

1)  left home early and no bus
2)  extra taxi fare
3)  declined of request of being picked up
4)  work times


Things always change.  People who can accept changes can deal with the changes.
People are are unaccepting would do whatever they can to prevent changes, or to make themselves more able to deal with the changes.

Do you see the frantic efforts that people put onto preventing or adjusting with the changes?
Perhaps it is easier to make themselves more accepting to those changes.

I would say that things are nearly at their perfect stages now. Nearly, but not quite there yet.
But I am happy with what I have, even though they may change one day.
I work hard to cope with changes in my life–yes, I am not the accepting type–so even when they change, things that I have today will continue to be the strength for me hang in there.


Everything is perfect now
I don’t want to make a movement
I’m too scared to breathe; I might do something wrong
As you’re sleeping silently
Perfect beauty laid before me
I feel every second is a life time long

Here’s a place I’ve been before
A place some say I should go more
But every journey just leads me so far away
When I just wanted to stay

So that’s why I won’t wake you where you lie
If I could now I’d freeze time…